Who we are, what we do
Well hello there! We’re the Haagse Boomtoppers (The Hague Treetoppers – but in Dutch it sounds much cooler 😎). We climb trees. We use rope techniques, so you’re always safe. That’s why we climb so freaking high!

The Haagse Boomtoppers are known for their love of nature and adventure and their very positive attitude. It’s always more about personal growth than about reaching the top of the trees.

We do kids parties and we love to climb with adult monkeys. We have challenges for every level. We have two fixed spots, but we also climb at random locations.

Location 1: Scheveningse Bosjes
Our main location is in The Scheveningse Bosjes. We have two big trees over there with different routes. It’s suitable for kids over 8 (although some 6 and 7 year olds manage just fine) and adults. Here’s a map on how to get there. The spot is called De 2 Beuken










Location 2: Pluk! 
The other spot is at Pluk! a lovely farm/tea house/vegetable garden/peaceful oasis at the southern edge of the city. The tree here is perfect for the little ones, age 5 and upwards. Here’s the website of Pluk! 

Our services

Birthday parties for children ages 5 till 7
These are always at Pluk! Reservations are through their website > right here

The parties at Pluk! are always a combination of tree climbing and the great home-made catering of Pluk! (lemonade, cake, tosti or pizza from their stone oven). You pay 125 euro for the climbing and 10 euro per person for the catering.

Birthday parties for children of 8 years and older
These are always at the Scheveningse Bosjes. You can make a reservation request by sending an email to info@haagseboomtoppers.nl

Costs: 200 euro up till 10 children, 10 euro extra for every additional climber. Everybody climbs twice, in two different routes. It’s a very nice place in the forest, with a patch of grass for your favourite picknick blanket. We only provide climbing guidance. You bring your own food & drinks.

Free climbing events
Every now and then we organise climbing events at our two different locations. You can just come and climb. No need to make a reservation. Costs: 7,50 per climb of whatever you can miss. We like everybody to be able to experience what we do, and don’t want money to be an obstacle. We always post these events at our Facebook page. Right here.

Team outings, bachelor parties, family gatherings etc.
We love climbing with adults or even better: all generations together. We have different forms to suit your needs and you can be sure that an event or party with the Boomtoppers will be a very positive and memorable experience for all ages and levels. You don’t have to be superfit. And if you are superfit, we will surely make an extra challenge for you!

Climbing at events
School parties, neighbourhood gatherings, reunions, festivals… if there’s a good tree, you can fly us in and we’ll take your event to a higher level, literally.

Personal coaching
Hedde Meima, founder of The Haagse Boomtoppers, is an experienced coach / therapist using tree climbing as a (playful and attractive) method for gaining confidence, getting over personal obstacles and finding fresh perspectives on life and life’s challenges and oppertunities. Hedde coaches children and adults. You can find all the information at the (Dutch) website of Bureau Buitenlucht. Coaching in English is possible. Very welcome with all your inquiries at info@bureaubuitenlucht.nl


Thanks for taking an interest!

Questions? Ideas? You can reach us at info@haagseboomtoppers of give us a call @ 0642209809.

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